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Welcome to Idle Software Closer

Idle Software Closer is the ideal solution to help you close idle programs within your business. Its very annoying in the office when members of staff go to lunch and not close the company software. This software will help you save time by not having to physically go to the computer and close. It will save the company money to save buying additional concurrent licenses. You will be able to get on with running your business.

It works with any software you want automatically closing, if the program is unsaved, it wont close the program but this can be over written within the software control panel. To trial simply download the software. Install the IdleSoftwareCloserServer.exe on any computer within the business where you want to control it, then install IdleSoftwareCloserClient.exe on all the computers you want the programs closing. The client.exe remains a running process in the background so the users can not see it. Only the manager can see and control the software.


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